Friday, March 23, 2012


I wouldn’t hang out with Happiness for long
Sadness has been a sweet old friend
Many days and nights we’ve been together
And he’s never said a word
Of leaving me alone

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This moment is serene
Its calmness transcends
All happiness and gloom.
This moment is precious
More valuable than
Any wealth in offer.
The stillness is ethereal
Its beauty shadows
Everything pretty.
To dwell in it is
All I desire,
But the moment has passed
Leaving a yearning soul


The elements of sadness
Formed a new compound
It was more potent than any
Deadly potion
That ever was concocted
A whiff of it was
All that you need
To make your life worthless
And worthy of anything


Nothing is enough
Nothing is satisfying
Nothing is edifying
Nothing is fulfilling
Nothing is enticing
Nothing is enough
Nothing absolutely nothing
And there's nothing no more

Little birdie

Life was turning more and more sad
And so the little birdie took flight
To another farther land
She inhaled the freshness, drenched in the waters
And relished the fruits on offer
From charming little birdies there
Only to find life getting sadder again
And she flew to another land... much farther away

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Withering Away

I'm withering away
Bit by bit
Petal by petal
Death is taking charge
And life is gnawing away
What's left of the carcass
A strange peace shrouds the noise
And I strain to hear a voice
Which touches a note that
Makes the silence musical
My breath is but a whiff
The thin air that blows out
Striking the light blind

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Mask

The mask has been shed,

The face revealed now.

It was not deadly nor sinister,

As was thought.

A cherubic face,

An angelic disposition.

Anyone would be fooled

If it were not for those icy eyes

Yeah, they were cold;

Piercing, menacing all the while.

None could decipher,

The feline felony in those eyes.

The gaze was sharp,

And the viciousness evident.

Yet, I couldn't muster

The courage to finish the

Evil that lurked.

Maybe it's me that I saw

A piece of my soul.